Start Your Week Off Right!

Looking for a better mindset this week? Here is my suggestion. Listen to this Podcast! Holocaust survivor, Dr. Edith Eva Eger shares how her traumatic experiences at Auschwitz shaped her life. She has a great message to help us embrace what is possible in our lives. Check it out!

Can’t wait to read her book! It is arriving at my house today:) *affiliate link


6 Ways to Drink More Water and Stay Hydrated

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  1. Get a measured water container and keep track!-
  2. Use a daily planner with a water tracker-
  3. Add some sparkle-
  4. Add some flavor (sweetened with stevia) –
  5. Cut up fruit and infuse it-
  6. Keep it cold longer with this popular Hydro Flask-

It’s Not Too Late

Take a minute to really answer these questions.

If you are answering these from someone else’s perspective, you are doing it wrong! Only you get to decide who you are. It is not too late to rewrite your story. Focus on what you want out of life, and what you need to do to get there. Create the new YOU that you want to be. You have that power.

The only person’s opinion that matters is your own. Set goals for yourself, and go get them. You create and become what you envision. Dream big…’s not too late!

A Week In Review -April 7, 2019

Another cute Easter basket idea!
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Reader recommend Easter basket stuffer. I love when you guys share your ideas with me! If you have cute clothes, yummy recipes, organization tips or anything else that could help us all make life easier, please reach out. I would love to hear from you. Message me on FB or send me an email-
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Great reminder….I love this❤️

Not sure how long this will last, but these are on sale with another $9.99 coupon at checkout!
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So many patterns available but this was the romper Maddie picked. Love this store for teen girl clothes.
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Who is your worst enemy? I hope it’s not you!

It’s a cloudy, cool Spring day in Chicago. Time to brighten up the house a little bit! (affiliate links)
Pillow Covers-

Any baseball players in your house? Just ordered this new bat for Joey and it is currently 41% off!
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One of the biggest traps we get into is comparing ourselves to others. When we don’t match up, we give up. Start believing in yourself!

A sale for the whole family at Dick’s Sporting Goods today. (affiliate links)
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A Week In Review 2/17

Old Navy tees
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Get ready for Spring Break….Sun Bum sale. Amazon can change prices at anytime so grab it quickly.
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A great reminder!


This has great reviews. My friend Laura said her daughter loves it and can use it without her help. *Amazon can change prices at any time.
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Anyone over pack like I do!?!? This is a must have before getting on the plane to make sure my bag isn’t too heavy!
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We can’t seem to escape Fortnite, but this is an amazing deal! A great gift idea at this unbeatable price.
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Spend $40 Save $10 on many shoe options at Target. These designer look alike wedges are my favorites! Available in different colors. (affiliate links)
Ankle strap wedges-
Closed toe wedges-
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An Amazon best seller with great reviews. *Amazon can change prices at anytime.
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Spend/Save alert! This $88.00 shirt from Vineyard Vines is on sale for less than $50 with code: WINTER19. There is also an Amazon look alike. Prices can change at anytime. (affiliate links)

We are loving these AirPods Cases! It helps keep them protected when you are on the go. You can also charge them in the case.
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I just browsed this sale and found all of these items for under $20 each at checkout! (affiliate links)
Keyhole Sweatshirt-
Rockstar Jeans-
High-Rise Leggings-
Blue Stripe Leggings-
Tie-Front Top-
Classic Shirt-
Black Dress-

Laura had some amazing sale finds at Nordstrom! Check out these prices. I want them all!
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Clear Travel Bag-
Weekend Bag-
Blush Clutch-


Greeting Others

This is our dog, Granger. He sits by the front door everyday around 3:20. Why?

That is when the kids start getting home from school. He doesn’t sit there all day until it’s time to greet the people he can’t wait to see. When they get home he wags his tail non-stop, showing them how excited he is to see them and have them home. The kids feel this love and are eager to pet him and give him a hug.

It made me think. How do we greet our loved ones? Do we make them feel loved and welcomed? Do we show them everyday how much they mean to us? I know I don’t.

We all would love to be greeted this way, right? If we want to be treated like this, we should try harder to act this way towards others.

Let’s be intentional with our greetings. Make more of an effort to show the people we care for that they are loved and appreciated. Life is short, make every moment count.

Life Is A Result of Your Choices

Happy Monday! Our life is made up of all the little things we do and think about. Sometimes, we get caught up in thinking that life is only what happens to us. When we get in that thought process, it’s easy to feel down and unhappy. We can look at changing our habits and the decisions we make, but more important is changing our thoughts! You have the choice on what you want to think and believe about your life. Choose to see the positive.

Make it a great week!

A Kind Word Or Two

You never know how a kind word or two can changes someone’s day for the better. Whether it is in person or by text, I challenge you to make sure you are lifting up the people in your lives. You also can have the opportunity to change a complete strangers life by using kind words or acts of kindness.

Here are two texts I recently received. I love and appreciate the people I have in my life. They sure know how to lift up my day! I am using these as a reminder on how I want to treat other people too!

And here is another one in response to something I posted on this blog.

You can’t change the way people treat you, but you sure can control how you treat others. That’s your power. Use it to make the world a better place, even if it’s just helps one person.

100 Ways To Motivate Yourself

My latest read. This book is easy to pick up and read without getting into lengthy chapters.

I am a huge fan of self-help books! I am always looking to improve myself and my life.  I have heard about it numerous times and finally bought it. Very helpful and motivating ideas that you can implement easily. Check the picture for the affiliate link.