Cauiflower Crust Pizza

Thanks to my great friend Judy for recommending this Gluten-Free pizza from Costco. I like all things veggie, so knew that this would be something that I would probably like. BUT I didn’t think it would be this amazing. You guys, no joke. If you are heading to Costco this weekend, try this. One package has 2 pizzas. Rob is the biggest pizza fan and he keep saying, “Wow! This is soooo good!” Now I am wondering what other goodies I am missing out on from Costco?!?!? Please share if you have other healthy options to try!

The Surprise Teammate

Here’s the thing about teams…. each member brings unique talents. This is Joey’s best friend, Dario. They have played on the same team for a couple of years now. Joey and Dario are great teammates and are nicknamed, Thunder and Lightning.😊
These two boys are only one month apart in age but check out the height and weight difference. Joey, due to size is pretty powerful. When he gets up to the plate, I usually hear the other coach tell the outfield players to back up. Some have jokingly asked him for his driver’s license.
Now, even though Dario can hit, I don’t hear the coaches tell their players to back up as often. Dario is a lot smaller than Joey and looks far less intimidating. Now, there is no greater joy for me than to see Dario shock everyone when he smashes that ball into the outfield. The exact same distance that Joey can hit.
Also, we have so many tall players on the team that the coach could play at first base. Want to guess who our best first baseman is??? Dario. No question about it. He can have his foot on the bag and catch more throws than anyone else on the team. How is that possible?

I’ll tell you why. Dario has more heart than anyone on that team. He is serious. He has sat through more softball games watching his sister than any of us can imagine. Well, he doesn’t sit there. He watches, he listens, he learns. Dario has so many qualities that more of us adults need. He doesn’t let the world tell him since he is smaller than some of the other players, that he can’t be just as good, if not better. He creates that power. He doesn’t let his height get in the way of being a good first baseman. He has a quiet confidence and brings so much talent to this team. He is 8!
What can we learn from Dario? What more can we bring to our teams? Are we holding back because someone has told us we don’t fit the mold of something we want to do? You aren’t smart enough? You aren’t talented enough? You are too young or old? You are just not good enough?
No one in this world has the right to tell you what you can and can’t do. That is up to you. Let’s be better listeners, pay attention more, practice, and work for the things we want. Prove to yourself that you can do/be anything you set your mind to. If other people judge you, it’s ok. Let them sit there while you smash a hit over their heads. Shock everyone with what you can do. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Step up, help yourself and your team. Prove everyone wrong.

Low Carb Italian Meatballs

Another successful Pinterest recipe. I am trying to stay away from carbs and it isn’t easy! I was very happy with how these turned out. I even ate them without any tomato sauce. Just added a little salad and that was it. Here is a link to the recipe- Low Carb Italian Meatballs

Reminder: If you have a recipe that you and your family love, please pass it on. Would love to feature you guys on Chasing Ease!

Help Wanted!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for following me on Chasing Ease. I appreciate it more than you know. I am a few months in and am finally getting the hang of this blog thing! I don’t consider myself a writer, I am not highly qualified for this and if you asked me a few years ago if I could ever start my own website, I would have laughed at you!

After years of wishing I had my own blog, my own thing, I read this quote-

I realized it was completely true. Why not me? If I wanted to chase ease and make life calmer, others must too. So here we are and now this is where YOU come in.

All of you reading have a special talent, something you can share and I want your help. I never really envisioned this site being all about me or my ideas. Yes, I have many ideas, thoughts, recipes and stories that I share but you all have them too. I want this site to be about lifting each other up, sharing thoughts, stories and ideas.

What do you have to share? Are you doing something that might make life easier for someone else? Do your kids have a toy that is a hit? Do you have a recipe that is on your weekly menu rotation? How about a dress that you just bought and love? Did you buy your child a new outfit and he/she looks adorable? I think you’re getting the point.

Please contact me  at so I can feature you or your family on this blog. I would love for you to be apart of this chasing ease thing:) I can’t wait to hear from you.


Helpful Strategies for Summer Discipline

Summer vacation is just around the corner. Kids are so happy and the at-home parents are wondering how they will make it through:) Game plans are a must if you want things to go as smooth as possible. Some kids will come home with a new sense of freedom and will be pushing all limits if you let them. (affiliate links)

One of the books and strategies I have used is 1-2-3 Magic. It is a really simple process once you and your child understand how it works and what the expectations are. Now is your chance to read it before the kids get out. There is even a book, 1-2-3 Magic Teen, if you have older kids. You can check out the reviews on Amazon. People love it!

Here is also a quick video to help you understand the method the book teaches. Check it out….

I am a huge fan of positive reinforcement also. I GET that they should just know to behave because that is the expectation, but we know that’s not how it works sometimes. In school, teachers do this all the time because it works! When I taught, this was probably my strongest method of discipline. Here are some ideas…

  1. 100 Charts- print out a 100’s chart and stick it up on the refrigerator or somewhere that your child will see it often. When they do something like a chore without being asked, a kind gesture to a sibling or cleaning up their place after a meal, compliment them and let them add a sticker to their chart. Every line of 10 they fill, they can earn something small. When they finish their chart they get a celebration of some sort that you guys can decide on together. Since this is for positive behavior, don’t take any away when they aren’t behaving. That is what the 1,2,3, Magic is for.
  2. Fill the Jar– Have a bag of buttons, marbles or puff balls. Each time you catch them doing something good, add one to the jar. When the jar is full, celebrate the great behavior in any way you guys decide.
  3. Play money– Each of my kids had a bag with their name on it. When they did something good, I gave them $1. When they got $100, they got a prize, treat or outing. Whatever we decided upon before we started. This is one of my FAVORITES with younger ones because it helps with learning money also. ***Once a week, is trade in time. Kids can trade in 5 ones for a 5 dollar bill, 2 fives for a 10, 2 tens for a 20.

I hope that these ideas will help your family too! If you have other ideas, feel free to share the strategies that have work with your kids!


Yeah for Friday!

Not only is it Friday, but I was able to send this nice little 4-foot project off to school today. Joey said he “wanted a challenge” so he picked the Komodo Dragon for his school project. The minor problem here is that his challenge becomes my challenge. You moms feel my pain, right? You’ve all been there.

I originally thought it wasn’t going to be that big of a deal because of one word….Pinterest! I thought some creative mom out there would have built some amazing Komodo Dragon and thrown the plans on Pinterest. I was wrong. I found nothing (and if you search it today and find one, don’t tell me).

So, we had to try to be creative and make our own. As you see from the pictures, it didn’t turn out so hot. It looks more like a croc. We are calling it a Crocodragon. After hours of Joey and I trying to wrap this thing in Duct Tape, which sticks to everything by the way, we are done. I might have sworn a few times too. It’s over now and out of my house.  I think we get an E for Effort.

As I was trying to jam this thing in my car, I got a text from Maddie that she forgot her glasses and needed me to drop them at school. Glad today is my day off. It is always something!

Also, I wish there was a school bus that came back to pick up the moms after dropping the kids off at school. They should come back, pick us all up and drop us off for Mimosas. We deserve it after making it through the week. Just a thought. Have a great weekend!