Starting Over

It is so easy to tell other people to relax, calm down or try again when life gets hard. We can see that things will work out eventually for them and that what they are going through will pass. Why don’t we see this for ourselves more often?

After having 3 kids, I settled into the life I was handed as my final fate. Then one day I woke up and decided to take control. It’s never too late to go after what we want. Starting over is scary. I still fail some of the time. I am ok with it because it proves that I am trying. Sometimes we don’t feel like we are worth it, don’t have the time or the strength….but we do. YOU DO!

Start over and love yourself along the way. Finding purpose and happiness are not just for other people. They are for you too. Whether you want a different job, healthier body or better relationships….have the courage to get back up and go get it!