Greeting Others

This is our dog, Granger. He sits by the front door everyday around 3:20. Why?

That is when the kids start getting home from school. He doesn’t sit there all day until it’s time to greet the people he can’t wait to see. When they get home he wags his tail non-stop, showing them how excited he is to see them and have them home. The kids feel this love and are eager to pet him and give him a hug.

It made me think. How do we greet our loved ones? Do we make them feel loved and welcomed? Do we show them everyday how much they mean to us? I know I don’t.

We all would love to be greeted this way, right? If we want to be treated like this, we should try harder to act this way towards others.

Let’s be intentional with our greetings. Make more of an effort to show the people we care for that they are loved and appreciated. Life is short, make every moment count.

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