Missy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Monday

Usually Mondays are my least favorite day but not last Monday. I had a bunch of fun things planned for the week and I was excited to keep working on this blog. So, when my alarm went off at 5:45, I jumped out of bed and forgot to do my daily gratitude. I usually come up with 3-5 things I am thankful for before I start my day. Instead, I grabbed my phone and started going through emails. I have read over and over again that reading emails first thing in the morning is not the best idea, but I did it anyway. I deleted most of them quickly and then got to an important one about my blog. The email explained mistakes that I made on my website that needed to be addressed. As I was already starting to freak out, I realized that my blog posts scheduled for that day had to be updated immediately.  As I am sure most of you do, I allow only enough time for my usual morning routine and I did not have time for this extra task. I was now panicking as I thought about how I could possibly get it all done.

As I headed downstairs to get my middle schooler fed and out to the bus, the dog started moaning at the back door. I tried to slide it open, but it seemed frozen shut. As I pulled a little harder, not only did the door open, but it came off the track. It was stuck open and wouldn’t budge. It’s February in Chicago, people! Temperatures that morning were in the single digits. The snow on the deck was blowing in and the frigid air was moving quickly into the house. Now what!?!?! I immediately called my husband to see if he could help over the phone. He said he should just drive home from work to fix it, but it would take him at least 45 minutes. The only thing I could think of to do in the meantime was cover the huge opening with old towels (cue the banjo music).

By 7:00am, I had the door covered, my 12-year-old almost out of the house, and my other two kids coming down for breakfast. I started feeding them and got their lunches packed. I grabbed my phone to see if there was a text update from my husband. I hit the screen, and nothing happened. It was completely black. I shut it down, restarted it, and then a message popped up that it had to be synced with iTunes. I have no idea what happened from there except that my phone was completely cleared of everything. By everything, I mean contacts, pictures, notes and hours of blog work. Please don’t ask me when the last time I backed up my phone was. Yep, this all happened before 8am. Really not a great morning.

I DID end up making the necessary changes in time. My husband DID make it home to fix the door. I did get SOME things recovered on my phone.

As I write about positive attitudes, just remember that my blog is called CHASING EASE not I AM AT EASE. I did get so upset that I wanted to cry. I am far from perfect. I don’t have life figured out.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but that morning was my reminder that life will always give me challenges. We all have bad things happen in our day, even the girl who writes blog posts about being positive.

I am excepting the day for what it was. As hard as the day tried, it didn’t take me down. I am strong enough to get through the bad days and so are you. Let’s put our chins up and realize tomorrow is another day. I just hope it has a few less surprises:)

Game Changer

Picture this…..the grocery store on the Saturday before the Super Bowl. Yep, it was a nightmare. People jammed in every aisle and carts were blocking my way. I shopped and took deep breaths as I made it down each aisle grabbing the things on my list. Last but not least, fresh guacamole! I couldn’t go to a Super Bowl party without that. I struggled my way through the crowd, got to the produce section, and guess what?!?! The guacamole was gone, completely sold out. Really?  How could they not have massive supplies of this on Super Bowl weekend? Now I was getting more annoyed.

I angrily turned my cart and started heading to the checkout line. Shocker! Every line was packed, and it looked like it was going to take forever. Like I needed one more thing to go wrong on this grocery store trip. As I was waiting in line, I realized my only hope in turning this trip around would be getting carded for my alcohol. I might be crabby but at least I would feel young. But as my turn approached, and the cashier scanned my wine, no such luck. I guess I don’t appear to be under 21 anymore. I paid for my groceries and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

As I started to head towards the parking lot, the sliding door opened but something was partially blocking my way. A young man with Down Syndrome was sitting on the ground. It was obvious that he didn’t want to move. Standing next to him was a young lady around his age but half his size. As I made eye contact with her, I smiled, and asked if she needed help. There was no way she could get him off the floor by herself. She smiled back and said, “No, thanks. I’m good.”

On my drive home, I thought back to the store and how hard it was for ME to shop. Imagine what it was like for that girl. I am not sure if she was on her way in or out or if she even got what she went to the store for. How could I have been so crabby about my experience, but she could smile and say she was good? Crazy how things like this happen in my life and are such game changers in my attitude. When I think only about me and my needs, I tend to get frustrated when things don’t go as smoothly as I expect. When I compare my situation to what others may be going through, I have it so easy.

So, are all these things in my life suddenly happening or is that I am finally becoming aware of them? My challenge for you today…..start looking for Game Changers in your day. I am fairly certain we all have them if we just open our eyes.

Snacks on-the-go

Staying on track with our diets is so hard when life gets really busy. Often, we are in the car more than our kitchen. If there is no plan in place, we can end up making unhealthy choices (or is that just me?). One thing I do to stay on track with my food is to always have healthy snacks with me. I usually have something in my car and purse to eat when I am out of the house and get hungry. These are my go-to Lemonzest Luna bars. They are gluten free, have 8g of protein, under 200 calories, and are crazy delicious. I try to have fresh whole foods when possible, but these are a great back up plan. (affiliate link)


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Almonds are another smart choice. They provide your body with protein and healthy fat. This variety pack has many amazing flavors too. (affiliate link)








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Your Worst Enemy

Self-awareness is a super powerful skill to have but what happens when it turns into too much self-criticism?

“I am disgusting.”    “I am a mess.”    “I am a bad mom.”    “I am a terrible friend.”   “I am not good enough.”  The list goes on.

I am guilty of this negative self-talk. When we look at these statements we say to ourselves, they are simply not true. For instance, “I am a bad mom.” We may have said something we regretted to our kids, missed an activity or performance, or chose ourselves over them. These mistakes are all part of parenting. We all have made plenty of mistakes in our lives but that doesn’t make us a bad person or mom. The reality is, most of us are good moms. The positive things we do greatly outweigh the bad and our sacrifices are countless.

I am learning to embrace my faults and work on these 5 things to catch this negative talk and turn it around.

  1. When I say something negative to myself, I stop and ask, is that statement completely true? Most of the time it is not.
  2. Letting go of perfectionism, realizing I have faults, and that makes me human.
  3. Look at my mistakes and decide how I can handle myself better next time.
  4. Ask if I would say that same statement to one of my friends. If I wouldn’t say it to them, I shouldn’t say it to myself.
  5. Finally, LET IT GO!

This will take time to create new thought patterns. Boosting our own self-esteem will make us more confident, nicer to ourselves, and as a result, nicer to others.  We need to learn to LOVE ourselves before we can show that kind of love to those around us. Let’s not be our own worst enemy. We deserve better.


The “I’ll get to that later” pile

Tell me I’m not the only one with that pile?!?!? Sometimes it takes over the counter, other times the table, and frequently it’s everywhere. Some nights we can’t find a clean spot to sit down and do homework or eat! It’s the mail, field trip forms, flyers, coupons, you name it and it’s all over my kitchen. I throw away what I can but some of it needs my attention. How can I read through it when I am helping with homework, prepping dinner, my husband texts that he will be late, and the dog is eating the couch pillow? So, I put it in the “I’ll get to that later” pile.

Here is what I came up with to help organize it all a bit.







A simple standing file with folders for each person in the family (including the dog:) and a few other categories. This makes it so simple to file spelling lists, coupons, field trip information, vet notes, etc. I know exactly where to find the papers I need and it’s not in one big disorganized pile. I chose a distinct color or design for each person/category. To simplify it more, order now from Amazon Prime and supplies will magically appear at your door in 2 days! Here’s are the supplies:

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